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Our Sustainability Journal chronicles YKK's

efforts to protect the environment and to

benefit employees, communities, and the

thousands of companies that use YKK®

fastening products.





How the fastening company YKK is helping lead sustainability in apparel, automotive, and industrial fields. It’s eco-friendly buttons, snaps, and zippers are helping designers create today’s sustainable products.


by 2050,

our loftiest

business goal

is to hit zero





YKK sustainability vision 2050 is under way, creating a brighter future for nature and humanity. With our planet in peril, it's a welcomed light of hope.

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vision 2050

YKK’s action plan for a sustainable future

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to lower
carbon emissions,
we all need to

step up


Sustainability and innovation are interlinked. YKK is focused on minimizing environmental impact with innovative ideas in design and manufacturing. It’s the right thing to do for the planet.

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people with bottles

an innovation over 10 years in the making with

water-saving benefits that

last forever


To invent the ECO-DYE® technology, the first ever waterless dyeing technology for zippers, a team of innovators partnered with engineers, professors and their own curiosity.

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make products

that last, invest in community,

protect the planet.



These days, with a planet in peril, YKK is leaning into the urgency of the moment, elevating sustainability efforts through innovation, while ensuring that producing high quality products goes hand-inhand with taking care of people and the world we live in.

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cycle of



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"no one





to others"



teaching more than sewing. stitching together dreams.


At YKK’s Social Development and Vocational Center in India, young women learn more than stitching, embroidery, computer skills and English. They are empowered to pursue their dreams and help their community thrive.

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2018 Graduates
Caring Kids



to help a


YKK went 

to school


"Working with our neighbors to create a safe environment for learning"

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the ocean

gives us life.

let's return

the favor.


Working with our neighbors in El Salvador to create a safe environment for learning.

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